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[The laughter starts . To those who knew Sirius Black, that laugh is unmistakeable, if alarmingly unhinged...and then the screen focuses on the face of a complete stranger. The person pictured is gaunt and haggard, a scraggle of black beard over skin stretched tight over sharp bone. His hair is one long, unkempt mat, and he's wearing a striped prisoner's costume on ratty homespun so old that the black and white stripes have faded to a nigh-indistinguishable grey. Odd runic tattoos are visible above its frayed collar and onto his neck.

But he's laughing with Sirius's voice, and under all that mess are Sirius's grey eyes.]

-AH HAH HAH HAH! I'm back! Prongs, Remus, get home, ha ha ha! I brought you a present!

[There's an odd whinnying screech, and then the feed cuts out.]

((OOC: Hey I'M BACK, and so is this hooligan. Feel free to tag in, but for Remus and James and anyone else at Moonybase, please feel free to come get gross prisoner hugs in person here: [link to Log would go here]))


Sirius never bothered to get off of Buckbeak and just rode him right out of the arrival room, through the building and out onto the street. He was half a heartbeat away from just apparating the two of them, but the hippogriff would never have taken that without pitching a fit, and it would not do to appear in Remus's backyard with a panicked horse-eagle tearing up the place.

The animal was certainly not as fast or as fun as his beloved flying motorbike, but there was something to be said for riding free through the skies of the city, whooping with unreserved glee. Gesturing behind him, Sirius summoned a tail wind to ensure Buckbeak was travelling at top speed, but even the few short moments it took the house to come into view still felt like forever.

Remus! Remus and James!

"There Buckbeak! That house there, take us down!"

The hippogriff had been extremely alarmed to suddenly appear inside a room, and didn't much care for the City either. He had never been specifically trained to avoid cities, but nor had he ever been allowed anywhere near one, and he wasn't sure what to make of it. Sirius was a good rider, though, and his complete confidence was reassuring. The house that he was guided to didn't have anything like a forest to live in, and the proper paddock was rather small, but there was room enough to land.

Sirius swung off immediately, fantastical mount momentarily forgotten as he looked for his friends.
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Sirius Black

January 2015


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