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HOW THE MIRRORS WORK: Each mirror, no matter the size, has a particular rune assigned to it, and six other runes are etched in the glass along its edges with a "master rune" up top. It can be activated by tapping and untapping these runes. ANYONE WHO CAN TOUCH THE MIRROR CAN TURN IT ON, so be careful about losing them.

Mirrors can be set to just be always receptive, or "turned off" with a chime that will ring when someone's trying to talk through them. Individuals can ping the mirrors of anyone else inside that network, or blast to all of them. All seven members can talk all at once. You see yourself in the mirror as well as whoever you are talking to: The first person to ping in appears to be sitting in the front, and the next person will be behind that person and so on, so if everyone gets going at once it looks like the mirror is reflecting a crowded family all standing together.

Sirius may figure out how to record conversations at some point, but as of right now there is no way to play back a conversation.


[name of network for when you post to the comms] - how Sirius refers to the networks (description of what the mirrors look like)

1-7) People on the networks (Question marks indicate people who I as a player think may already have mirrors but am not sure of IC yet. People with double-questionmarks I think would be likely for future inclusion but haven't actually done anything with yet.)

[SIRIUS MIRROR NETWORK] Sirius Family (a hodge-podge of small pocket-sized mirrors that can be carried on the person)
1) Sirius
2) James (?)
3) Lily (?)
4) Remus
5) Ruka (?)
6) Harry (?)
7) (?)

[HOGWARTS MIRROR NETWORK] General HP wizards and those who live with them (larger mirrors for hanging in the home, but which could be carried in a satchel) PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT AN ORDER NETWORK, though of course people can talk about whatever they like on it.
1) Sirius's workshop
2) Snape
3) Tonksbase (Andromeda specifically)
4) Potterbase (?)
5) Moonybase (?)
6) Weasleybase
7) Luna/Neville/Hermione WHERE ARE ALL OF YOU LIVING (?)

[RIDDLE NETWORK] Riddle-Set (a set of silvered, polished bookmarks)
1) Edward Nygma
2) Sirius Black
3) Felicia Hardy
4) Katurian
5) (?)
6) (?)
7) (?)
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